At Pactera Remote, we offer thousands of jobs every year to people just like you. As part of the Pactera family, we partner up with some of the world’s top companies to bring you job offers in up to 140 different languages.

Apply for a job that’s right for you

1Browse jobs at Pactera Remote

Use Pactera Remote to browse our constantly updated job listings. You can check for all available jobs from the home page, or filter them by entering your desired job type, language and category. You can then access the job details to read a more detailed description of the job.

NOTE: After signing up with Pactera Remote you should fully complete your user profile if you wish to apply for any job.

2Apply for the job

When you’ve found a job you want to apply for, use the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the job description.

NOTE: You will be required to complete your user profile, which is part of the job qualification process. To confirm your native language, you are also invited to take a simple language verification test designed to verify native speakers. We will not ask you to provide any bank information until after you have been approved for a job.

3Complete training & test

In order to prepare you for success and allow you to develop the proper skillsets, Pactera Remote offers training for each specific job. Please check your ‘My Training & Test’ section of the website to take the available training and final exam. You will be given three chances to pass the final exam in order to be approved for the job.


Once you have been approved for a job, you will be directed to the production system. This may be online or offline depending on the type of job. You will find more information about this in your message center.

Your work in Pactera Remote may be measured in working hours or in completed tasks. The Pactera Remote production team will communicate with you via the message center all the necessary details. This will include the relevant pay period and your preferred payment method.


You can use your language skills as a native speaker, proficient typist, logical thinker or even as a good speaker to find your ideal job here. Start by searching for jobs on the home page by job type.

Pactera offers multiple working location options.

Work in a client’s office. Pactera provides services for worldwide industry-leading companies, who may request on-site services periodically to keep in line with their data security rules.


Work from home or any other suitable remote location – anywhere you are able to work in an undisturbed environment and produce good quality work. A reliable internet connection will be required, and it is even possible for you to work in different countries.


Work in a Pactera office. We have locations in Redmond (United States), Barcelona (Spain), Beijing and Shanghai (China), and Tokyo (Japan). Due to security protocols, some jobs require in-office workers.


Work only in your own native country. Some jobs require support from the local networking environment, so they can only be performed in that country. This category is not suitable for people studying abroad or in otherwise temporary situations that require them to reside outside of their home country.

What equipment do I need?

For in-house and on-site jobs, Pactera will provide all business-related equipment. All other job categories require you to provide your own equipment. This includes a PC and all related hardware and software equipment, as well as a broadband internet connection. If other special equipment or materials are required, they will be clearly stated in the job description.

How will the payment process work?

Pactera accommodates flexible payment methods, including wire transfers and PayPal. Once you are assigned a job, you will be prompted to fill in your payment account information. This information will be kept fully secure and only used when making your payments. Payments are made twice a month.

How do I contact Pactera Remote?

Once you have been accepted for a job, you will receive a confirmation message in the Pactera Remote messaging system. If you have any further questions about the job, please reply to that message using the online system – there is no need to contact us via email. A Pactera team member will provide you with support. If you have any questions but have not yet applied for a job, you can use the ‘CONTACT’ form at the bottom of the screen to send your questions or comments via email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.