General FAQs

We offer work-from-home jobs that provide total flexibility regarding working hours. All positions have an important linguistic and/or cultural component, although the exact requirements and tasks depend on the specific role you are assigned. You can find the prerequisite details under each job description.
The ability to work independently as a freelancer and provide your own equipment to complete the work as specified in the recruitment questionnaires. You should also keep Pactera informed of any changes in the information you initially provided during the recruitment process.
Select your native language and/or country and you will see a list of all jobs currently available for that combination. Some jobs may only be visible to users with the required native language. Select the job title to see the job description and press the ‘Apply’ button. After that you will be invited to take a test which will help us evaluate your abilities and skills to perform the required tasks. For some jobs there are no available tests, in that case you will be contacted by Pactera to continue with the enrolment process.
No, there are no joining fees or subscriptions. You are simply paid for the work you complete.
We pay per hour or per task, depending on the nature of the job. We disclose the specific rates for each job during the enrolment process.
You can use our online system to submit your invoices. You will be given the login details to access your account. We can pay you through bank transfer or via PayPal.
You may be using an unsupported internet browser. This website has been optimized for Chrome, although it can also be used with Internet Explorer 11 (and above) as well as with Microsoft Edge and other popular browsers. Please let us know the details of your technical problem if it persists so we can continue to improve the performance of this website
We suggest you make sure you add Pactera Remote’s email details to your address book, and also check your spam folder. If you do not have our address saved your emails may get lost in the spam folder. Sometimes, depending on the email service provider you are using, the spam message might be delayed.
That will depend on the income tax regulations that apply in country where you are liable to pay tax. We pay you for your completed work and you are personally responsible for any associated taxes payable on those earnings.
We frequently launch campaigns to promote friend and acquaintance recommendations, feel free to check with us if there is one happening now through our contact email.
Projects come and go; we cannot guarantee that there is always work that fits your language and specific skillsets. We recommend you frequently check the job list for updates on new opportunities.

FAQs for Transcription Jobs

A transcription project is one were you are required to listen to an audio recording and accurately type what the main speaker in the recording says. In our transcription projects, we use a particular set of guidelines including the use of tags to mark special events - such as a secondary speaker, specific sound etc. Transcription projects are long-term and require initial training with a final test at the end.

There are no set schedules; you can work from home or anywhere else appropriate at any time!
A transcription project requires you to meet the following conditions:

  • You must be a native speaker and have lived in the target country for more than 20 years.
  • You must have Internet access to use our online tool and be able to submit your transcriptions.
  • You must have a good typing speed (Around 40wpm.)
  • You must be capable of browsing search engines to look for specific terms
  • You must be able to use the best transcription for all nouns and uncommon word word types.

If you meet these conditions, you'll have everything you need to be a successful transcriber! :-)
Don't let the guidelines put you off! We expect a natural learning curve of just one week. You may need a little more or less time; it all depends on your aptitude and how much effort you put into the training. The key to success is patience and commitment!
The minimum amount of weekly working hours is 10 hours per week, but there is no set maximum limit! The more you work the more you earn.
Our work platform records the time you spend working on the transcription project. You will receive payment monthly according to the data collected by our system. Your work report is always visible on the work platform for you to check at any time.